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Plans for 2015
TSPFP started off 2015 with a 10-venue springtour around Denmark featuring The Dark Side Of The Moon with videoscreen and complete lightshow. The band played outdoor venues and festivals during the summer. TSPFP brings a brand new show to the stages in the autumn titled "Greatest Hits". Numerous features include videoscreen and a new stage setup.

2014 overview
TSPFP marked the anniversary of all-time classic Dark Side Of The Moon by performing the complete album live in concert featuring a unique quadrophonic experience for the spectators along with a complete lightshow. The summer included outdoor performances as well as festival appearances.

2013 and looking back
Back in 2013, TSPFP toured 23 destinations with "Our Favourites". The summer also brought a very special outdoor concert under the dam at Eikerapen, Norway. Earlier, the band has been known for its impressive outdoor staging of The Wall. TSPFP is based in Denmark and plays regularly the surrounding countries, but has also visited the far edges of Europe stretching from Greenland to Malta and Lithuania.